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Argentina 2002

After the 1998 World Cup the Argentina Football Association unexpectedly struck a deal with Reebok to produce the national team’s kit. The resulting shirts were somewhat ugly, and not at all in keeping with the South Americans’ tradition of simple, stylish uniforms. They even had navy shorts! So it was with some relief when I …

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Brazil 1980s*

*Exact date unknown Having devoted a vast portion of my waking (and non-waking) life to football I’ve become pretty good at identifying football shirts and ascertaining their date and provenance. Yet even with the wonders of the internet at my disposal and several bona fide experts on the case, I have yet to establish the …

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brasil 93 uruguay

Brazil 1991-93

When the Confederação Brasileira de Futebol announced a new kit deal with English company Umbro in 1991 for many fans it was the end of an era. Brazil’s kits in the last three World Cups had been manufactured by the South American brand Topper, barely altering in that period, so it was hard to imagine …

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Colombia 2014

Though Colombia had not reached the finals of the World Cup since 1998, the team arrived at Brazil 2014 as many people’s dark horses. The reason was that over the last two or three years Los Cafeteros had produced a crop of exceptionally talented players that had begun to make names for themselves across Europe. …

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66 lineup

England 1966

They say that the most important events in English history always occur in years ending in “66”. 1066: The Battle of Hastings. 1666: The Great Fire of London. 1966: England win the World Cup. For anyone who is English, or has even spent significant time in England, the year 1966 (or even the number 66 …

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